VIVA Protect QA

Currently, VIVA Protect covers selected Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphones acquired with VIVA Unlimited Smart Plans or device add-ons.


More devices and brands will be added shortly.

VIVA Protect covers incidents not included in the warranty, such as:


Damage by sand, water, humidity, dropping and impacts.


Robbery (In case of Robbery a police report must be presented at the time of submitting the claim).

Loss and warranty related issues are not included in the insurance.

Visit the VIVA Service Center or Contact VIVA service center on 17140049. Where is the VIVA Service Center for iPhone?


VIVA Service Center

Jeera 1 building - Ground Floor

Road 2811

Block 428

Seef district  Area

Landline: 17140049

Timing: 9:00 - 18:00, Sat – Thur.


Visit BINHINDI Service Center or Call BINHINDI service center on 17310444

BINHINDI Main Service Center
Flat 11, Bldg 435

Road 1805, Block 318
Ground Floor Opposite of Hoora Police station.
Exhibition Road.
TEL # 17310444
Timing: 09:00am to 5:30pm Sat – Thur
BINHINDI Riffa Service Center

BINHINDI Enaya Facility

Buildings 710, A710, 712, A712

Road 2819, Block 928

Beside Wadi Al Sail police station. (Near BDF Hospital)
West Riffa

Tel # 17410222

Timing: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Sat – Thur.

Visit MCC Service Center or call MCC service center on 17783025

MCC Tubli Service Center Main Service Center
Building 85A

Avenue 13

Block 711


Tel: 17783025 – 17310101

Timing: 9:00AM to 6:00PM Sat- Thu

1 Report the robbery of your mobile phone to VIVA within the first 12 hours and instruct them to block the line.

  • Report the robbery of your mobile phone to the Police within 24 hours of the incident. A police report must be obtained.
  • Fill in the “robbery claim” form available at VIVA’s website or available in T’azur’s office.
  • Submit all the documents required to T’azur in the below address:



Jeera 2 (Le President Tower), 10th Floor, Building 2347, Road 2830, Block 428

  1. O. Box 31600, Al Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17561661

  1. Copy of the Insured Customer identification: CPR, passport.
  2. Device serial number (IMEI) in case of mobiles /ESN, or IMEI in case of tablets (if applicable) or IMEI if having telephone function.
  3. Copy of the Certificate of Insurance.
  4. Claim form to be filled out at the time of submitting the damaged device to the appointed workshop.
  5. In case of Robbery.
    1. Original copy of the complaint filed with the Police.

Payment receipt from the SIM provider of the SIM replacement

Please note that for Apple devices there is no repair, any repair is considered a replacement. You will get a new device in case of any issues.


For Samsung & Huawei devices the coverage is limited to two repair claims per plan period, up to the amount specified in the policy schedule. In the event of any - total loss/replacement or theft claim, and once the mobile phone is replaced, the policy will be terminated with immediate effect

VIVA Protect coverage will expire upon the first replacement of your Apple, Samsung or Huawei smartphone, yet the annual plan payments will continue to apply.

No, VIVA Protect only covers new Apple, Samsung & Huawei smartphones acquired with VIVA Unlimited Smart Plans or device add-ons.


The main link between the insurance and your phone is the phone IMEI number for the phone you have purchased from VIVA.


Please note that in case the customer replaces a device for any warranty related issues (outside insurance) and the device IMEI is changed, the customer must present proof of replacement from the official service center including the old and new IMEI.