Carry your fax line everywhere
VIVA brings you another innovation to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and manage your business conveniently. VIVA eFax is a flexible fax solution that enables you to send and receive faxes from your personal computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It eliminates the need for expensive fax machines and replaces outdated office equipment with a digital platform that can accommodate any scale of business.

Benefits of VIVA eFax:

Fax by Email:Send or receive a fax by email using your PC or smart phone from anywhere in the world. Enjoy quick, reliable and private access that is managed in a digital and paperless environment.

Cost Effective:VIVA eFax works in existing email networks and requires no software or hardware expenditures.

Secure:VIVA eFax is a completely advanced secure transmission that helps you maintain compliance standards when sharing documents outside the organization.

Green:If you’re company is looking to cut down on paper consumption and reduce the environmental impact of owning a fax machine, VIVA eFax is the best solution. Faxes can be read directly from your device screen, which helps reduce the need for printing documents and thus reduces paper waste.

eFax services Fee

Description Charges
Activation Fee (One -Time) BD 4
Monthly Fee BD 2

How to send an eFax?

Step 1:Compose a new email message and attach document(s), if any.

Step 2:Type the destination fax number followed by ‘@efax.viva.bh’ in the ‘To’ field, for example 13123456 @efax.viva.bh or 00966121234567@efax.viva.bh for international fax numbers.

Step 3:Click ‘Send’

VIVA eFax supports attachments

With VIVA eFax you can include attachments in your faxes, with up to a maximum of 4 attachments at one go.

Modify your email address under eFax

With VIVA eFax you can modify your email used to send eFax at any time for an additional cost.

Description One-time fee
Business eFax email modification BD 4

eFax Barring Feature Add-on

To maximize cost, VIVA eFax comes with a barring feature that restricts usage.
This can be activated at any time by opting for the Barring Feature Add-on.


  • Bar All Outgoing Faxes:you will only be able to receive faxes from any destination.
  • Bar Outgoing International Faxes:You will only be able to send faxes to local numbers, and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.


Service Name One-time fee
Bar All Outgoing eFaxes BD 4
Bar International eFaxes BD 4