VIVA Ring Back Tone

Let your callers enjoy waiting for you to pick the call !

Set your favourite tone with VIVA Ring Back Tone Service and entertain the callers with the various tones ranging from the Arabic, Western, to Bollywood, Islamic and many others.

Ring Back Tone Shuffle List NEW 

Celebrate Eid with VIVA’s Ring Back Tone Shuffle. Get 5 RBT Tones in a single bundled list that shuffles automatically and entertain your callers all day long. Each shuffle list is predesigned with preselected content for the corresponding segment.

Celebrate 47th Bahrain National Day with Ring Back Tone Shuffles.

3 shuffles with 5 Ring Back Tone specific to National Day is made available for VIVA users. Each shuffle is free for 7 days. Post 7 days free, normal charges of shuffle will apply which is 250fils/7days (prepaid users) & BHD 1/30days (Postpaid users) 

Shuffle ListActivateDeactivateSong Info
Bahrain National Day Shuffle 1SMS B1 to 81122SMS OFF B1 to 81122SMS INFO B1 to 81122
Bahrain National Day Shuffle 2SMS B2 to 81122SMS OFF B2 to 81122SMS INFO B2 to 81122
Bahrain National Day Shuffle 3SMS B3 to 81122SMS OFF B3 to 81122SMS INFO B3 to 81122

Ring Back Tone Shuffle List is a new service package that offers the below:

  • Combines multiple preselected songs in a single package
  • Offers the shuffle option automatically for the songs within the “Shuffle package”
  • Customer will get “More for Less” so customers will get X tunes in a single bundle and will save on subscription fee. In addition, will enjoy the auto-shuffle for the selected list


Ring Back Tone Shuffle List Cost

The Ring Back Tone Shuffle package is offering 5 tunes in a single package for the below prices:

  • Postpaid: BD1 / 30days
  • Prepaid: BD0.250 / 7days
  • Auto-renewal applies

Shuffle List


To activate*

To de-activate*

Info Keyword**

EID Shuffle Arabic

This shuffle contains the Islamic Pilgrim/Haj related content




EID Shuffle English

This shuffle contains  5 English premium songs




EID Shuffle Hindi

This shuffle contains  5 Hindi premium songs




EID Shuffle Bengali

This shuffle contains  5 Bengali premium songs




EID Shuffle Pakistani

This shuffle contains  5 Pakistan premium songs




EID Shuffle Malayalam

This shuffle contains  5 Malayalam premium songs




The5 Shuffle

The5  are a pop boy band  that has been popular recently in middle east. This shuffle offers the top 5 of their latest released songs




* Send the activation/deactivation command as an SMS to 81122

Subject to 5% value added tax

Azaan RBT

Enjoy our new Azaan RBT service now!

Make callers identify Azaan times while calling you during the 5 prayers times during the day. Azaan RBT is a standalone service wherein, consumers, can subscribe it as single RBT or use it along with their current RBT. Azaan RBT can be activated using the same RBT activation channels, and same charges shalll apply.

How does Azaan RBT work?

  • If a consumer already has a RBT set on his number and also subscribed to Azaan RBT, then Azaan takes precedence over the current RBT during Azaan times (5 times in a day) which is already predefined. Rest of the time, consumer’s current RBT will be played to his callers.
  • If a consumer subscribes to Azaan RBT only and does not have any other RBT set on his number, then Azaan will be played during the predefined Azaan times (5 Times in a day). During other times, the default ring (Tring Tring) sound will be played to the consumer’s callers.


How to subscribe to Ring Back Tone service?

Be it normal RBT ring tones  or Azaan service, you may subscribe now for free and get all the rings you want.

  • To set your Ring Back Tone, call 81122 (for free)
  • Tone cost: Postpaid: 500 Fils/Month; Prepaid: 125 Fils/Week.


How to use VIVA Ring Back Tone?

VIVA Ring Back Tone is available through different channels whereby you can operate and experience the service:


1. On the phone:

To manage your Ring Back Tone service, dial 81122, you will be directed to choose the operation you wish to accomplish such as branching to Azaan service  or  browsing the rich album of tones. Customer can  navigate through the categories, listen to content pre-selection downloading a Ring tone turning a Ring tone on and off.

2. Web/Mobile portal:

Browse Free of charge ,preview content, download/set  your selected tone and manage the downloaded tones.


By dialing *81122#

4. * to Copy:

While calling any VIVA number you can copy his RBT by pressing *9 button from your keypad.

5. SMS:

By sending a SMS with the appropriate command to 81122 you can configure and manage your tone.

Below are the different commands used for managing RBT service via SMS channel.



To buy a ring

Send BUY followed by ring code to 81122
Example: If ring code is 789, then the command is: BUY 789

To set a ring to a specific mobile number

Send ASSIGN  followed by ring code followed by the number of the other party to 81122
Example: If ring code is 789 and mobile number is 33012030, then command  is: ASSIGN 789 33012030

To set Ring as default ring

Send SET followed by ring code to 81122
Example: If ring code is 789, then command is: SET 789

To delete a ring from album

Send DEL followed by ring code to 81122
Example: If ring code is 789,then command is: DEL 789

To unsubscribe from Azaan service

Send UNSUB to 81122