International Leased Circuits

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service offers a dedicated link between locations in Bahrain and international distant end

IPLC Service Description

  • The IPLC is a leased point-to-point network service that offers a digital communication link of defined bandwidth between one location in Bahrain and one or multiple international locations.
  • Whether you are transmitting data, video, voice or multimedia applications, we have the global network reach, operational support and the expertise to deliver the right solutions for you.

Unique Features

  • VIVA Business’ IPLC solution is reliable, secure and has a high level of redundancy on different cable systems.
  •  VIVA Business’ digital transmission network has got multi inter-connection via fiber optic
  •  cables to many of destinations.
  • VIVA Business provisions full end-to-end International circuit from the customer sites, making the customer deal only with VIVA on all matters of provisioning, liaising, service ordering, fault monitoring, support and billing.
  • VIVA Business delivers protection in order to ensure continuity of your IPLC in the event of cable cut on the primary route.