About Us

VIVA Bahrain is a fully owned subsidiary of the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and launched its commercial services in March 2010 with the aim of transforming the telecommunications landscape in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Backed by unrivalled experience, knowledge and vision, VIVA has experienced phenomenal growth in its six years of operations and continues to perform exceptionally well.

Since entering Bahrain’s telecom market, VIVA has become the market leader. VIVA has also positively impacted the telecommunications market by changing the way it does business and has been at the forefront of innovation by launching the latest high-tech devices first, along with having introduced a comprehensive Wholesale and Enterprise portfolio with national and international services. Through its HSPA+ network upgrade in 2011, VIVA became the first operator in Bahrain to provide speeds of up to 42 Mbps to its broadband subscribers and to test successfully and showcase its 4G/LTE network in early 2012, officially launching 4G/LTE services to customers in January 2014.

Technology innovation

VIVA in collaboration with BT, have launched the Middle East’s first Global IP Exchange (GIPX) interpretability hub in Bahrain. With the launch of the GIPX hub, VIVA delivers hosting and connectivity, whilst providing a new route to market for BT's Global IP Exchange Voice and interoperability services in the region.

Bahrain’s largest and most diversified retail network

VIVA also boasts one of the largest and most diversified sales and payment networks of customer touch points in Bahrain. This includes a comprehensive retail network, a user-friendly web portal, 24 retail outlets and over 700 payment channels in addition to a distribution channel with over 3,700 outlets spread across the country. The company has been recognised for its customer-centric approach and was awarded for ‘Best Customer Experience Strategy’ at the Telecoms World Middle East Awards. Additionally, VIVA has also been recognised with the “Best Customer Experience Management Loyalty Program” award at the Middle East Call Centre Awards for the successful structuring and alignment of its call centre to continue providing exceptional customer service.

The company has also received accolades for its innovative customer-centric approach and world-class service at the prestigious SAMENA annual ‘Convergence’.

Community-development programs

The company’s success can be attributed to the trust and support of the local community and in line with its mission to ‘Make a positive difference in the local community’ by promoting a knowledge based society and participating in community development programs’, VIVA Bahrain created VIVA Jusoor. This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is dedicated to the development and execution of sustainable projects to benefit the local community by connecting people and facilitating a free exchange of experiences, ideas and information. For its work performed under VIVA Jusoor, VIVA Bahrain was awarded the Golden Order of Merit in the field of ​​social responsibility in the Arab world for 2013 by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in conjunction with the Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards in the Arab region.

In line with VIVA’s commitment to support the wider community, in early 2014 the company entered into a first of-its-kind partnership with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to work jointly in a community uplift program involving foreign workers. Through this partnership, VIVA is assisting the LMRA in easing foreign workers communication and support the government in its protection of overseas migrants’ rights and duties.

Earlier in 2015, VIVA unveiled ‘Fereej VIVA’, its newest CSR initiative under ‘VIVA Jusoor’, with the first project being deployed in partnership with the Ministry of Housing. ‘Fereej VIVA’ is a sustainable community initiative that encompasses various social programmes. The first project introduced, includes furnishing housing units built by the Ministry of Housing with the aim of benefiting Bahraini women, including divorcees and widows.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

VIVA Bahrain has also joined hands with one of the greatest football clubs in the world, Manchester United Football Club, to enable its customers to benefit from a host of unique and exclusive services and bring international football expertise to the Kingdom. Locally, VIVA Bahrain has entered into strategic partnerships with the Bahrain Football Association and the Royal Golf Club. All of these partnerships aim at promoting sports at grass roots level and to assist the youth of Bahrain to enhance their skills and elevate the level of sporting talent across the Kingdom.

Going forward, VIVA Bahrain will continue to drive multiple initiatives to consolidate its leading position in the consumer, business and wholesale sectors, whilst focusing in a strategic approach to enhance customer experience and satisfaction through its diverse capabilities to continue offering the best-in-class customer service.