VIVA New Postpaid LTE Plans

With the new VIVA Postpaid LTE Plans, you can now enjoy amazing value with more data, free local minutes to all operators and a special vanity number, on Bahrain’s Favourite Network.


Best Value Plans

Enjoy the best value with VIVA’s new Postpaid LTE Plans on a 12-months contract.

Plan Name

New Postpaid LTE BD 8 Plan

New Postpaid LTE BD 12 Plan

New Postpaid LTE BD 16 Plan

Monthly Rental

BD 8

BD 12

BD 16

Local Minutes*





10 GB

15 GB

22 GB

Vanity Number***



Gold Plus

LTE Access


Int’l Calls Discount****

Up to 90% Discount

Terms and conditions.
Click here to view termination fees.
Click here to view the Postpaid International Rates.

Data Single Top-ups for VIVA Postpaid 

These top-ups are only available on the new postpaid LTE plans, and can be used for a set period without being auto-renewed.

Top Up

Data Allowance

To Activate

BD 1 Single Top up

0.5 GB


BD 3 Single Top up

3 GB


BD 5 Single Top up

7 GB


BD 10 Single Top up

15 GB



Other services charges:



Connection Fee

BD 5

Port-in Fee

BD 4

Discontinued Plans (no longer sold)