Accelerate business performance with VIVA e-Suite Solutions

one integrated system, countless solutions


With the new market forces and unprecedented pressures, VIVA e-Suite solutions have been designed to scale with businesses as they grow. The cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system enables Small and Medium sized businesses to focus on what they do best and thrive in todays competitive markets.


From point-of-sales (POS) to Customer relationship management to Bahrain VAT ready tax compliance accounting modules and more, VIVA e-Suite solutions give businesses the tools they need to drive value by delivering automation and end to end solutions.

VIVA e-Suite Cloud-based value


The cloud-based solution has been developed to enable businesses to keep both their customers and employees in the heart of all their operations while focusing on speed, scalability and providing a superior user experience.


  • Fast deployment with streamlined implementation and no operation disruption
  • Simple cloud-based configuration and integration with existing systems
  • Full mobile access anytime and anywhere
  • Fast customization and localization solutions
  • Real-time customer engagement and relationship management
  • Access to more information across your business, greater analytical insights and real-time reporting resulting in improved end-to-end management processes
  • VAT ready and enabled

VIVA e-Suite modules & solutions

The solution is designed to improve your business performance on all fronts, turning current pain points into a competitive advantage to accelerate growth and profits. 

  • Point-of-sale (POS)

A browser-based retail point of sale system which includes a register allowing both cash and card base sales transactions. With a smart and easy interface that can be operated from a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone resulting in faster and simpler sales transactions.

The system allows developing and delivering flexible customer loyalty and rewards program enhancing customer engagement and retention. In addition to a connecting seamlessly with both the VAT ready accounting solution and inventory management solutions making closing your daily sales quicker, easier and error free.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing customer information, sales leads, sales quotations and sales orders is vital for any business to grow, therefore the CRM solution allows you to manage all customer information in addition to empowering you to conduct a range of Business-to-Business online transactions such as submitting quotations and invoices, receive online payments and engage with external stakeholders. Within one dashboard and reporting solution you can fully customize your reports; planning and monitoring your daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance. Fully integrated to a VAT ready accounting solution which instantly measures your profitability and the financial impact on your organization.

  • Inventory Management

A flexible multi-warehouse, multi-location inventory solution, which is fully customized and optimized to deliver an integrated approach to inventory and warehouse management. Allowing the flexibility to perform a variety of stocking and product availability strategies. Giving you the opportunity to forecast incoming product orders and get notified before a product runs out from your stock in addition to being able to set stock value for items, manage stock relocation and external location delivery notes. With a complete integration to several solutions such as accounting; to accurately calculate product landing costs, product availability on the e-commerce solution, POS and CRM.

  • Purchasing

The Purchasing Solution enables performing both basic and advanced procurement procedures from simple direct purchasing up to managing complex bidding and tendering processes. Through this solution, the user can issue RFQ’s and Purchase orders with a flexible range of product varieties, prices and suppliers. Offering a smooth and simplified Business-to-Business relationship with your purchasing suppliers place configured automated orders to replenish stocks and the ability to largely automate purchasing processes while fully being integrated with the VAT ready accounting solution.

  • Accounting

A fully functional Bahrain VAT ready audited certified accounting software that connects to all relevant ERP solutions such as CRM for invoicing and POS for cash and card accounting journals in addition to allowing accountants to fully manage their invoices via an easy to use interface and layout. Featuring both basic and advanced accounting principles, complete bank and journal reconciliation, in addition to financial reports such as profit and loss, general ledger and balance sheet.

  • Human Resource

A comprehensive people management system that allows complete management of employees, time and attendance, employee contracts and work permits. The solution eliminates common pain points within this area of business operations such as missing important expiry dates resulting in additional fees and fines by providing an email and SMS integrated reminder function. In addition to being seamlessly integrated to the payroll solution to manage salary pay slips, over time, custom allowances with a variety of complex salary rules and structures.

  • Website

An easy ready-made wizard-based solution that enables businesses to engage and interact with their customers through a sophisticated and customer friendly website. The solution includes features such as theme selection and purchase, hosting, data migration, page setup and management, search engine optimization enabled and manage content through simple and easy steps. 


  • E-Commerce

The Ecommerce solution compliments and plugs-in to the Website solution introducing a new online shopping channel through a seamless online shopping experience. In addition to being able to fully integrate with the VAT ready accounting and inventory solutions reducing accounting and manual entry errors. The solution allows integration with a range of custom and ready-made payment gateways making it easy and simple to receive payments online.


For more information on VIVA e-suite packages and customization, please call 34128128 or email us on business@viva.com.bh or contact your dedicated account manager.