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A Conference Call allows you to speak with up to six people at the same time over a mobile phone, making it ideal for talking to family, organising events or discussing business when you are out of the office.

Conference Call is activated by default on all VIVA lines.

Conference Call is available for free to all VIVA subscribers. Each call in the conference is charged separately. For example, in a three-way conferencing, calls are charged as three separate calls.

Conference Call only supports voice calls.

1. Make a call to the first participant. 2. To make a call to another participant, select Options and choose New Call. The first call is automatically put on hold. 3. When the new call is answered, to join the first participant in the conference call, select Options and choose Conference or Join. 4. To add a new person to the call, repeat step 2, and select Options. Select Conference then Add to conference. You can add up to 6 people. 5. At any time, you can select Options, and make a private call to one of the participants. Others will be put on hold. 6. At any time, you can Hold the conference with one of the participants by selecting Options, then Hold. 7. At any time, you can select Options, and End the call with one of the participants. 8. To End the conference call, simply hang up.

VIVA Collect Call offers subscribers, an opportunity to make calls and charge the receiver for the call, provided they accept the charges.

Any VIVA Postpaid and Prepaid subscriber.

No, this service is exclusive for VIVA subscribers only.

There is no subscription fee for this service.

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