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No fees will be deducted; only the transferred credit will be deducted from the sender’s account.

To transfer credit, the following channels are available: 1. USSD channel Type a command on your mobile screen as per below: *121*33yyyyyy*1# (1 is the amount to transfer 33yyyyyy is the destination number, to whom credit is transferred) 2. STK menu (VIVA Menu on your phone) Go to the STK menu->my services->free services->Credit Transfer and follow the instructions 3. SMS command Send an SMS to 121 including the following content: T MSISDN

Once credit is transferred to your account, you will receive an SMS confirming the transfer.

-The minimum transfer amount is BD 1. -The transferred amount has to be an integer (a number without fractions). -The maximum amount that can be transferred is BD 100.

No, a subscriber can make any number of transfers.

No, only airtime credit can be transferred.

Yes, you can transfer to a subscriber abroad. You can follow the same instructions for local credit transfers.

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