Auto Advance Credit

With Auto Advance Credit, receive BD 1 credit automatically when your balance reaches 50 fils or lower and get the missing amount to complete your addon activation and renewal.

To activate Auto Advance Credit *81200*7#

To request one-time credit *81200*2#.


How to use Advance Credit service?

Advance Credit service is available through different channels whereby you can operate and experience the service:

• 81200 IVR: By dialing 81200

• USSD: By dialing *81200#

• stc App: By login to your stc App account.

• stc self-care portal: By login to your stc self-care portal account.

SMS Service

Send the keyword listed below to 81200.

SUBS : to activate auto advance credit

1, OK, YES, y   :Accept advance credit offer

2:Request advance credit

3:Get outstanding balance

4:Get service history

5:Stop receiving offers from this service

UNSUBS:To de-activate Auto Advance Credit


Text the following keywords to 81200

To activate auto advance credit

Accept advance credit offer
1, OK, YES, y

Request advance credit

Get outstanding balance

Get service history

Stop receiving offers from this service

To de-activate Auto Advance Credit

More info

You will be notified via SMS when your balance reaches 0.250 BD or less. You will also be notified via SMS when you are trying to purchase an add-on and you don’t have enough balance. The service is available for prepaid subscribers only. Your line should be in active or grace state.
Minimum amount is BD 0.500 and maximum amount is BD 5. The amount you will be offered depends on your previous usage history. You should fully pay your outstanding advance credit amount to be able to get another offer from the service.
You can send “5” to 81200 You can also dial *124# or *81200# and select the option to stop receiving offers from the service. You can always use SMS and USSD channels to request advance credit even if you requested not to receive offers from the service.
When you recharge your line, the outstanding advance credit amount (including service fee) will be deducted automatically. If you don’t have enough balance to pay the outstanding amount, partial collection will take place. You can check your outstanding amount by sending “3” to 81200.