Introducing eSIM another VIVA first

VIVA redefines your mobile experience with eSIM

Get ready for the next big step in your mobile experience as VIVA launches eSIM for the first time in Bahrain with revolutionary technology that enables convenience and flexibility. VIVA Business Customers can enjoy the eSIM experience free of charge on iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded chip in your device that does not involve any physical SIM card, where information is updated wirelessly enabling for a second number without the need of new SIM cards. 

What are the advantages of an eSIM?

eSIMs are easy to activate without the need of physical swapping of cards to install a connection.
They also allow for another physical SIM to be used at the same time.

How does one activate an eSIM?

  • Contact your Key Account Manager or visit VIVA Business Center at VIVA HQ
  • Get your eSIM voucher
  • Ensure you are connected to the internet
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Open ‘Cellular’ - Add Cellular Plan
  • Scan the QR code from the eSIM voucher
  • Label your eSIM as a primary or secondary line
  • The eSIM can be used for one device only at a time