VIVA One is a service that gives businesses of all sizes the most productive, value-added telephony services traditionally available to enterprises with costly on-premise PBX systems.

VIVA One is a cloud-based unified communications suite that allows interconnectivity between email, voicemail, presence, instant message, video and more. Moreover, hosted interaction recording allows you to capture all of those advanced forms of communication and analyse the data collected.

VIVA One offers advanced calling features, which are essential to meet employee and customer demands with quick, reliable and effective services. It provides access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto attendant, directory, music on hold, and voice messaging.

Unified Communications that Drive Enterprise Performance

Simplifying Reachability

Mobility means convenience, but it can also mean confusion: Multiple reach numbers. Competing messaging systems. People guessing how best to reach an employee. That’s why VIVA One client software makes a user’s profile the same regardless of the device being used and provides a single voicemail for messages.

Connecting to Customers

Missed calls mean lost sales and frustrated customers. VIVA One client software is designed to minimise missed connections: Incoming calls can simultaneously ring on up to five devices. Easily manage preferences: sending calls to any device/location based on schedule. Screen calls and know when VIPs are trying to reach you.

Extending Expertise

Your customers are everywhere and with VIVA One client software, critical expertise and decision-making can be everywhere, too. Presence information shows availability of colleagues, partners, executives, subject matter experts, etc. See at a glance who is online, on the phone, available to instant message, in a conference call, traveling, or on vacation.

Connecting Seamlessly

The “mobility = travel = cellular” equation barely captures the evolving state of mobility in today’s enterprise. Many “mobile” workers never leave the campus. A large percentage of cellular calls take place in the office. That’s why VIVA One client software supports seamless connectivity across networks and devices.


Key Benefits

Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs

VIVA One does not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system as it is supported remotely by VIVA professional engineers. 

One Number for all your Devices

Work is no longer a place we go. Work is something we do, whether it is at home or the local coffee shop. VIVA One allows employees to use the office extension number to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose such as mobile, desktop phone and laptop. 

High Reliability and Security

Our business IP Telephony services provide highly secure and reliable networks to ensure that enterprises have full access to their voice solutions without compromising security.


Enterprises can choose the VIVA One packages that meet their requirements and have the ability to adjust quickly and easily.


Being able to scale and grow your phone system as your business grows is a huge benefit of using VIVA One. Unlike, PBX systems that are on premises, VIVA One allows businesses to easily add or remove extensions & lines without hassle or additional capital investment. Moreover, you only pay for what you use.

Attractive Local and International Rates

Save on all local and international calls to any destination in the world.

Free Devices & Installation Fee with Long-term Contracts

Benefit from FREE installation and FREE device upfront fees with our 5-year packages.


Subscribe to our on-net add-on and get unlimited free calls to any VIVA number (mobile and fixed).

Why VIVA One for your business?

Lowering Costs, Increasing Value

Transfer Mobile Calls to Landlines

VIVA One solutions enable you to preconfigure common numbers and/or devices (e.g., temporary work space, hotel number, etc.) allowing you to push the mobile call to a landline

No More Expensive Support & Maintenance Charges:

With VIVA One, enterprise customers do not need to worry about high maintenance and annual support fees, nor expensive software upgrades. Such features are readily available from VIVA and support extended remotely compared to traditional on-premise PBX which is costly to maintain and inefficient in terms of support response time.

Take Advantage of Wi-Fi:

Leverage a variety of options to make calls via available Wi-Fi networks. Move all call control, notifications, instant message/presence, directory search and other data traffic to Wi-Fi.

Unified Communications that connects users anywhere, anytime.

VIVA One Communicator

Turn your desktop or laptop into a complete communications centre for voice, video, conferencing, instant message, etc. Connect a USB headset, Bluetooth headset, speakers, mobile phone and SIP endpoints.

VIVA One Mobile Application

Go mobile and take your Unified Communications—and user profile—along with you. Regardless of what device you are using, callers see one number when you call and use one number to reach you: your business number. Move calls seamlessly from desktop to mobile and back.


VIVA One Desktop IP phones

Choose the phone that best meets your business needs from a selective set of Avaya IP Desk phones:

IP Phone Models

High level Description

AVAYA IP Phone J129

Phone Models High level Description

The J129 IP Phone supports all the key phone features and

call handling capabilities needed for use in walk-up scenarios and for users with basic, communication requirements. The basic handset has built-in volume boost for hearing impaired.



The Avaya 9608G IP Desk phone features a monochrome

display, 4 soft keys, high quality audio, integrated Gigabit

Ethernet interface, headset support, and up to three 12- or

24-button Expansion Modules.



The Avaya 9611G IP desk phone delivers intelligent

communications with a traditional look and feel, graphical colour display, high quality audio with full duplex speaker, and a wideband handset and headset.


Competitively priced and high-performing, it supports a USB

interface, integrated Gigabit Ethernet, a secondary Ethernet

port, and up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules.



The Avaya 9641G IP Desk phone has a colour graphical

display, large capacitive touchscreen, high quality audio,

Gigabit Ethernet, a secondary Ethernet port, and support for

up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules.



Video Phone & Power Supply

The Avaya H175 Video Collaboration Station is a unique

touchscreen device that delivers high quality voice calls,

full HD video collaboration, and access to key productivity

enhancing capabilities like presence, a synchronised calendar

and synchronised contacts.


AVAYA IP PHONE B189 IP Conference

Phone + Mic

The Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone looks great in any

executive boardroom or large conference room (even

auditoriums). With Avaya OmniSound™ technology to

maintain HD-quality sound for everyone on the call, an

easy-to-navigate five-inch colour touch screen display, and a wealth of built-in time-saving features, the B189 should be your first choice for an executive conference phone.


AVAYA IP PHONE B179 IP Conference

Phone + Mic

Best suited for board rooms and large conference rooms with

groups greater than 10 people, the B179 SIP Conference

Phone helps improve employee productivity and collaboration

between customers.



VIVA is Bahrain’s innovative service provider that has taken on the challenge of being different through:

  • innovative and cost-effective packages
  • flexibility to meet our customers’ unique communication requirements
  • 24x7 business support
  • faster time to activate new numbers & extensions
  • no additional maintenance cost
  • no hassle of technology refresh
  • dedicated account managers
  • predictable and transparent billing

Simplified Packaging

VIVA will make it easy for you to get started. VIVA One packages are bundles of telephony extensions, together with multiple features (Mobile App Extension, Access Call Details (billing), Call Waiting, Transfer Conferencing (6-party ad-hoc), Call Forward, Voicemail, Group Pickup, and Auto Attendant) that work best to meet users’ needs.

Contact us today to discuss the right solution for you.

How to subscribe?

Small and medium customers will be able to choose from our ready-made packages that will give them the power to do business, any time, any place, anywhere, on whatever device they choose.

Large clients and Government institutes will be contacted by VIVA business professionals to work with them on the best solution to cater to their specific requirements. From requirement gathering, project management, site survey and training people.

For more information, contact your assigned account manager, call our business customer care at 34128128, email us on