Data Backup

Never lose your company data
Data is a company’s most important asset. Loss or corruption of mission-critical business data can cause significant damage to any enterprise. Traditional in-house backup solutions require significant investment (both hardware and software) and require persistent maintenance costs, yet are generally unable to offer protection for all disaster scenarios.
Though some use external hard drives, tapes, USB sticks or thumb drives, they too can break, get lost or be stolen.
Cloud backup solutions provide a secure option to backup data automatically as vaults are operated with high levels of security.

Data Backup service main benefits


  • The Automated Backup and Recovery solution from VIVA offers a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to automated data storage based on defined & scheduled activity (daily/weekly).
  • Data is stored in geographically independent, secure data centres using the most reliable hardware, software and services.
  • This is real backup and not just syncing data to a location where errors can be easily replicated.
  • All data is encrypted before being sent to data centres and the decryption key is held by the end-user only.


Comparison between Storage and Backup (Desktop and Server)

Feature Storage Backup
Backup of full machine including OS and system configuration Not supported Supported
Local Encryption Supported Supported
Security level Supported If key is lost, there is no backdoor (high security)
Compression Not supported Up to 80%
Bandwidth consumption Full files are transmitted Only changes are transmitted (increments)
Flashback Not supported Supported
Example Google, Dropbox Azure, Symantec,..

Data backup (Desktop and Server) packages

VIVA brings you a choice of business backup packages – Desktop and Server.

Desktop Backup Capacity Monthly Fee
VIVA Desktop Backup 15GB 15GB BHD 2
VIVA Desktop Backup 40GB 40GB BHD 4
VIVA Desktop Backup 100GB 100GB BHD 6
VIVA Desktop Backup 250GB 250GB BHD 8
VIVA Desktop Backup 500GB 500GB BHD 10
VIVA Desktop Backup 1TB 1 TB BHD 12

Server Backup Capacity Monthly Fee
VIVA Server Backup 100GB 100GB BHD 10
VIVA Server Backup 250GB 250GB BHD 15
VIVA Server Backup 500GB 500GB BHD 20
VIVA Server Backup 1TB 1 TB BHD 25