VIVA Caller Tune

Let your callers enjoy waiting for you to pick the call !

Set your favourite tone with VIVA Caller Tune Service and entertain the callers with the various tunes ranging from the Arabic, Western, to Bollywood, Islamic and many others.


Azaan Caller Tune

Enjoy our new Azaan service now!

Make callers identify Azaan times while calling you during the 5 prayers times during the day. Azaan is a standalone service wherein, consumers, can subscribe it as single service or use it along with their current Caller Tune. Azaan can be activated using the same Caller Tune activation channels.


How to subscribe to Caller Tune service?

Be it normal Caller Tune or Azaan service, you may subscribe now for free and get all the tunes you want.

  • To set your Caller Tune, call 81122 (for free)
  • Tune cost: 500 Fils/Month.


How to use VIVA Caller Tune service?

VIVA Caller Tune is available through different channels whereby you can operate and experience the service:


1. 81122 IVR:

By dialing 81122

2. Web/Mobile portal:

Browse from here


By dialing *81122#

4. * to Copy:

While calling any VIVA number you can copy his caller tune by pressing * (star) button from your keypad.