iPhone for Life FAQ

iPhone for Life is the easiest get a new iPhone every year, and with zero up-front payments.

You can upgrade as soon as 12 months have passed from your existing contract, and you will have a window of two months to upgrade.

You will hand your old device to VIVA, the device will be inspected on the spot, and once the device passes the inspection list you will be handed the new iPhone on the spot.

Please view the device inspection list for more details.

No, you only pay the device monthly installment, all devices are sold with Zero up-front.

This program covers all newly sold iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X models under the iPhone for Life program.

A device that does not pass the physical inspection list cannot be upgraded, however, you can keep the device and get the new iPhone, and an additional charge will be added for the upgrade in this case.

Sure no problem, you simply pay the additional associated fees for the new device at the time of upgrade, and your new monthly installments will be as per your selected device.

No, the upgrade can be from one iPhone generation to the next, and since the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are from the same generation so there is no upgrade between them.

In that case, you can either finish up your iPhone contract or terminate your contract and pay the associated termination fees.

Yes, you only need to bring your new device, with the paperwork received from Apple regarding the exchange of the device. The paperwork should indicate the old IMEI of the old device, and the new IMEI.