International Credit Transfer

Use International Credit Transfer Service now to credit your loved ones’ accounts back home using your VIVA line.

Now also available for VIVA Prepaid and Postpaid users.


Service Channels

You can use the International Credit transfer service using one of the below channels /methods:


Dial *81109# and follow the instructions


SMS 1 to 81109 and follow the instructions

VIVA Mobile App:

Access International Credit Transfer, under Entertainment and Services section and follow the instructions


Countries/Operators Supported

You can transfer credit from your VIVA account to friends or family on following countries:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Ethiopia.

International Airtime Transfer is a service that will allow VIVA Prepaid subscribers to transfer a small amount of their prepaid credit to an overseas prepaid mobile account.

USSD Channel

  • a) Dial *109# from your mobile.
  • b) You will then be asked to reply with the mobile number to which you want to transfer credit to.
  • c) You will receive 4 denominations, which you can transfer - for the correct mobile operator & country based on the MSISDN sent in Step 2.
  • d) Reply with the recharge denomination you want to send top-up for - 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • e) You will be asked to confirm the transaction and informed that the charges will be made to you prepaid account.
  • f) You will then be charged to your prepaid account, the rates which are stated in the USSD menu based on customer’s choice of denomination and destinations.

SMS Channel

  • a) Send an SMS to 109 with the mobile number of another prepaid customer in the destination country (such as India) - to whom you want to transfer credit.
  • b) You will then receive 4 denominations that you can transfer - for the correct mobile operator & country based on the MSISDN sent in Step (a).
  • c) Reply with the recharge denomination you want to send top up for - 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • d) You will then be charged to your prepaid account, the rates which are stated in the SMS menu based on your choice of denomination and destinations.

You can transfer the prepaid credits from your VIVA Prepaid mobile number to another prepaid mobile number outside Bahrain, out of the list of supported countries.

India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Malaysia, Palestine, Nigeria, China, Yemen, Turkey, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Russia and USA

No. The only criterion is that you should have sufficient prepaid credit for that particular transaction. For example: You want to transfer 100 INR to a prepaid mobile in India, you should have sufficient prepaid balance (BD in this case) to carry out the transaction.

You can do 10 transactions per day and total of 30 transactions per month.

You can transfer up to BD 50 per day and up to BD 250 per month.

You will only be charged for the denomination selected for the International Airtime Transfer. Against every denomination in the local currency, an equivalent Bahraini Dinars (BD) charge that will be cut from your prepaid account is given. Only this amount will be deducted and no other charges are applicable.

The recipient will receive the prepaid credits in foreign currency. For example: when you transfer airtime to your friend in India, they will receive the money in Indian Rupees.

Yes. The VIVA Prepaid subscriber will receive a confirmation SMS when the recipient receives the prepaid credits. The SMS will display the amount deducted in Bahraini Dinars (BD) from the sender's prepaid credit balance and the foreign currency amount received by the recipient.

Yes. The recipient will receive an SMS notification on the amount received in foreign currency.

No. You can only send according to the fixed denominations offered by VIVA.

You may contact VIVA Customer Care on 124 to get further details about this service.

No. There is no subscription fee for this service. All VIVA Prepaid customers will automatically be eligible for using this service.

You must be an existing active VIVA Prepaid subscriber with sufficient prepaid credits to use this service.

Yes. All SMSs sent to the service short code 109 are FREE.


The 3 formats mentioned below for the recipient’s mobile number are supported:
For example sending to Airtel India Mobile number 9845202172, customer can type the mobile number in the below format and send as an SMS to 171:

  • +919845202172
  • 00919845202172
  • 919845202172

The recipient will receive the airtime credits within 5 minutes.

The recipient's airtime credit balance will be increased (top up) but the recipient might not receive the SMS notification. However, the sender will receive a successful SMS notification.

An invalid number or transfer failure SMS notification message will be sent to the sender. The deducted amount will be refunded into the sender's prepaid account automatically. – You will not be charged for a failed transaction.

The recipient's airtime credit balance will be increased (top up) in accordance to the currency of the recipient's originating country. An SMS notification on the airtime credits transferred will be sent to the recipient.

VIVA does not charge any additional tax. However, the Receiving Mobile Operator, in the selected country, may impose some tax, tariffs, VAT, etc. on their end and as per their local laws and regulations, and the amount(s) shown may not be the amount that is fully received by the Receiver.