Device inspection list

You need to answer every question with Yes in order for the device to pass the inspection:

    1. Device turns On/Off? (Power up)
    2. Device can make and receive calls?
    3. Device Wireless (WIFI) working?
    4. Screen Lock, pin locks, passcode locks removed?
    5. Device not bent?
    6. LCD and touchscreen working perfectly?
    7. Front glass not Broken?
    8. Home, Volume and Power Button working? SIM tray is not missing?
    9. Device housing has fair wear and tear?
    10. Camera working?
    11. No Liquid Damage?
    12. iCloud "Find my iPhone is deactivated"?



Not Accepted

Small scratches, dents.

Large crack at the back of the iPhone.

Wifi, SIM and Bluetooth detected

Visibly shown that Screen is slightly lifted.

No screen damage.

Wi-Fi not detected.

No LCD damage.

Touchscreen not working.

iPhone not bent.

iPhone is bent or have a big dent.

No enclosure damage.

iPhone Stuck on iTunes/Passcode lock/Apple ID

No missing parts / components.