CEO Message

Being one of the fast-performing subsidiaries of the STC Group across the region, VIVA Bahrain has achieved astonishing growth by building a portfolio of innovative, content-rich and customer-centric products and solutions that cater to the growing needs of Bahrain’s community. Our hard work and commitment empowered us to embrace new opportunities and stay focused on what is important; enabling digital transformation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Today, we work relentlessly to expand our offerings to go beyond the telecom pure play services, we forge new and stimulating partnerships, we invest in new infrastructure to pave the way for future connectivity such as the 5G, and cutting-edge communication technologies such as cyber security, cloud computing, mobile payment, and others.

And we do not intend to stop here – the future is bright, and we intend to make it brighter. Our teams are a group of the most brilliant, driven and passionate talents with a strong sense of vision and an understanding of the significance of the role we are playing to drive Bahrain’s digital telecommunications future.