Switching to VIVA's Online Services

Your Menatelecom log in details will be deactivated and you will be required to re-register your account using your Broadband or Voice line number rather than your CPR or account ID.

You can use the form below to find out your Broadband or Voice line number.

With this number, you can login to VIVA's online services. If you already have a VIVA account, you will be able to manage your Menatelecom account using VIVA's online portal.

What's my Broadband or Voice line number?
Benefits of the Online Account
  • Check your balance and data usage, monitor your benefits
  • Get more data, activate roaming and many other add-ons instantly
  • Pay and recharge your numbers, do multi-line management and bulk payments
  • Transfer credit, track VIVA Rewards points and do many more
Ways to Access Your Online Account