VIVA Prepaid Broadband

4G LTE:the best 4G prepaid broadband packages in Bahrain.

Recharges: free 4G access with any recharge transaction, starting at BD 1.

Devices: get 4G routers for home, 4G Mifi for sharing on the go & 4G dongles on the go.

Validity: peace of mind with longer validity.

No Commitment: enjoy your 4G broadband with no commitment/contracts.


Unlimited 4G Prepaid Broadband for BD 2:

Get unlimited 4G data with the following BD 2 plan

Package Price Threshold FUP Validity 4G
SIM Only BD 2 Unlimited 2 GB 15 days Free

4G Monthly long validity Prepaid Broadband Starter Packages:

Plans Monthly Data Service Upfront
90 Days Plan 3GB BD 10
180 Days Plan 4GB BD 18
360 Days Plan 5GB BD 35


Short validity Prepaid Broadband Starter Package:

Plans Price Validity Threshold
3G SIM & Dongle* BD 12 30 Days 3GB
* The plan is upgradable to 4G for free

Triple Data with Prepaid Broadband recharges:

Recharge Voucher Threshold* FUP Validity
BD 1 Unlimited 1GB 3 Days
BD 2*** Unlimited 3GB** 7 Days
BD 3 Unlimited2GB 6GB 30 Days
BD 5 Unlimited4GB 12GB 30 Days
BD 10 Unlimited10GB 20GB 60 Days
BD 15 Unlimited15GB 17GB 60 Days
BD 20 Unlimited22GB 24GB 90 Days
BD 25 Unlimited30GB 40GB 90 Days
BD 30 Unlimited40GB 42GB 180 Days
*Speed will be slowed down after threshold consumption.

**Offer is valid for a limited period

***Voucher is available over electronic vouchers, Quick Pay option on & Sadad/VIVA Self-Service machines.