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Dedicated Internet Access

Internet Dedicated Access service offers customers secure and reliable end-to-end network connectivity to the Internet.

Dedicated Internet Access Service Description

  • Dedicated Internet Access provides corporate customers with dedicated, secure and reliable end-to-end network connectivity to the Internet.

  • The service offers customers a subnet of multiple IP addresses to facilitate hosting services such as e-mail and web based servers.

  • VIVA Business is a Class 'A' ISP and specializes in providing high bandwidth connectivity to corporate customers.

  • We offer dedicated, secure and managed internet access to enterprises with the highest service levels.

Unique Features

  • Dedicated Internet Access offers businesses a cost effective dedicated guaranteed connection to the Internet.

  • Multiple bandwidth options to provide tailor-made solutions with circuit speeds from 256 Kbps to over 1 Gbps.

  • Secure and private - Leased Access is dedicated entirely to you, which means it is exclusively yours.

  • No single point of failure and a fully redundant network.

  • The service offers congestion free, secure, permanent point to point network connections.